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Puthiya Kural Newspaper started in April 2018 as a monthly Issue and ran as the voice of Tamil speaking people for more than a year after starting its first edition. Due to the need to act as a non-commercial voice for Tamil-speaking Sri Lankan minority communities, it was transformed into a bi-monthly newspaper and continued to function as the voice of the people with the help of minority people's organizations and political leaders. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who ascended to power at that time, was under various threats from the intelligence department of the government because the groups responsible for the violence against the Muslim Tamil people that took place between 2018 and 2019 were brought out through the media.

Puthiya Kural Newspaper continued to act as a Tamil media against anti-Muslim riots, Tamil people's land issues, arrests of Tamil leaders, arrests of innocent minorities and planned racist activities.

The office of the new voice was also attacked because it continued to expose the oppression of the Rajapaksa family. Later, due to the economic crisis in the country, although the newspaper did not come out, the new voice was still trying to solve the problems of the people by seeking the help of various organizations for the next steps.

With the help of human rights activists and journalists, political leaders, and human rights activists who fled the country due to threats, Puthiya Kural Newspaper has resumed publication in Sri Lanka from August 2023. But it was again disabled due to major anti-government news published in 04 consecutive Issues. Puthiya Kural Newspaper founder Dr. AMM. Fahath was threatened and called for intensive investigation due to the news of White Van abduction, kidnapping of journalists, background of violence against Tamil people, racist threats. This necessitated leaving the country.

It has been operating as a voice of the voiceless people in Sri Lanka since October 29, 2023 as a monthly print edition from Canada and a daily news online edition.

All you need to know about the 'Puthiya Kural Newspaper' Founder Dr. AMM.FAHATH

Dr. AMM. Fahath is a qualified Journalist and Human Rights Activist was in Sri Lanka. He has a Doctorate in Peace and Humanities in 2019. He started his career as a Journalist at the MTV/MBC (Shakthi FM 104.1) Private Limited in 2009/2011. He worked for Alai FM/ DAN TV, Sri Lanka from 2013/2015 as a Manager–News and Current Affairs. also performed as a Sri Lanka Journalist of Thanthi TV, Sathyam TV - India. He is the Founder of the Puthiya Kural Registered Newspaper in Sri Lanka. He came to Canada due to pressure and threats in the country and started a Puthiya Kural Twice a Month Newspaper. Puthiya Kural Newspaper Registered with the Ontario Province in Canada. Dr. AMM.Fahath had also participated in international programs related to human rights, peace, media and journalism in various countries such as Geneva - Switzerland (UNHRC) , India, Dubai, Germany (EU) , France (Amnesty). He work personally on human rights, refugee issues, and human rights issues and have been working to develop mechanisms for this through his Institute of Human Rights and Peace. With the intention of not only raising the voices of civil society but also creating a media and providing solutions to the people, He started a Newspaper called ‘Puthiya Kural News Paper’ and duly recorded it and took the voices of the people to the ruling class. Apart from this, he took the issues of the rights of the affected minorities in Sri Lanka to the United Nations Human Rights Council and handed over copies to the top officials there. He participated in two meetings in 2019 and had the opportunity to screen a documentary He had produced.It is noteworthy that a documentary was made on Muslims displaced by the war. He also did 3 months of field work for this documentary. In recognition of my peace work, the International Commission of Human Rights and Peace in India presented me with an award and a certificate of appreciation in 2019. Over the past 12 years various organizations have given me the best awards from overseas, including local.


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PuthiyaKural Newspaper, a monthly Tamil Newspaper in Canada, is under the ownership of Puthiya Kural Newspaper Publications Canada. Established as a registered Tamil newspaper in Canada since 2023, it specializes in delivering pertinent news stories from Sri Lanka, with a particular emphasis on the North and East regions. The newspaper offers a dedicated news column and articles addressing the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora.


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