Puthiya Kural Newspaper Publications offers the following services, which are done on a low-cost, service-based basis. We always support low-income writers and artists to get their work out there.

  • Book Release and Design, Marketing
  • Magazine Design and Release
  • Books and Magazine Release in Chennai with PRO
  • Artist Interview and Brand Pasting in Tamil Cinema Industry
  • Social Media Promotions and Web Design ( Low Budget)
  • Business Interviews and Advert Production ( Canada, India, Dubai)
  • Audio and Video Production and Plans

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Puthiya Kural Newspaper

PuthiyaKural Newspaper, a monthly Tamil Newspaper in Canada, is under the ownership of Puthiya Kural Newspaper Publications Canada. Established as a registered Tamil newspaper in Canada since 2023, it specializes in delivering pertinent news stories from Sri Lanka, with a particular emphasis on the North and East regions. The newspaper offers a dedicated news column and articles addressing the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora.


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